Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing

At IGHC we partner with producers to provide a competitive pricing options for all types of grain/oilseeds produced in Western Australia. This includes the ability to pick grain up ex-farm, assist with working through possible storage and deferred delivery options, as well as delivered direct to Perth (IGH site Bibra Lake) and of course we buy all types grains and oilseeds on FIS basis (delivered into the CBH system).

At IGH Bibra Lake receival site we have:

  • Quick sampling, testing and unloading system (over a Grid)
  • Full testing facilities on site for sampling and testing grain to CBH and Grain Trade Australia (GTA) standards
  • Equipped with certified Weighbridges
  • Fast secure payment and provide efficient paperwork for your business to operate efficiently

We continue expand our operations and services to growers, remain focused on servicing growers who choose to store their grain on farm, or deliver their grain directly to the Perth Metro Area during or post-harvest. We also price grain into the CBH system year round on forward and spot contracts. We have an excellent reputation with the businesses and people we deal with both locally and internationally.

For more information about us and grain prices please contact us at any time, we are happy to discuss your grain marketing options at any time. Or Log in to see our pricing and receive email or txt pricing updates as well as relevant market information.

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