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Welcome to our new IGH website

Welcome to Independent Grain Handlers – IGH Commodities website.

We hope the site delivers more information about IGH/IGHC to you and better enables to you not only see our prices but helps manage communications between us and you.

You will see a grower log in area  LOG IN – and also NEWS area this is where the prices will be delivered on most days for you see. You will need to be logged in to see the prices. We will continue to email prices however they will provide links to point you towards the web site with one simple click from the email. Also add our web site to your favorites so you can easily see the prices and relevant updates at any time.

We have also added in few other features in the News area which will be where a few relative bit of information (or not so) will be posted. We also have a FORUM area where you can upload a picture(s) and or short video to our web site (appropriate of course). We will display them in news and or gallery page as appropriate*. Upload a image or short video to the FORUM page and WIN a 22 litre esky for best picture! This will be run every 3 months! December, March, June and September – so get to it.

If you have any feedback at all or problems logging in, please contact us via the web page/email etc

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Rob Proud

Pictures submitted are submitted by the Owner or with full endorsement of the of the Owner, and authorise IGH/IGHC published the pictures on the IGH/IGHC website(s) or other company material at Their discretion..